A Rendition in Trumbull's Death of Montgomery

John Trumbull served as a soldier during the Revolution sketching plans of the British Works at Boston, witnessing Bunker Hill, was Washington’s second personal aide, and Deputy Adjutant-General to Gen. Horatio Gates. Trumbull resigned his commission in 1777. Like Von Gernann, Trumbull without a doubt was a military man and eyewitness to the styles of the period. Trumbull traveled to London in 1780 and studied under Benjamin West and at West’s suggestion Trumbull painted pictures of the American Revolution producing more than 200 works. Of interesting note because of Trumbull’s service and rank as a former American Officer, when John Andre’ was hanged in October 1780 Trumbull was imprisoned at Tothill Fields Bridewell for seven months.
Credit: Public Domain

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