Organizational Map

The Organizational Map shows the locations of activities for Kings 8th Detroit in the current day.

Courtesy: Google Maps

Our reenacted King’s 8th portrays a garrison on-parade Hat Company impression as well as an on-campaign impression. We do NOT portray Light Infantry OR Grenadiers. For more information on our impressions please visit our Uniform page. We are a  realistic or working reenactment group, we are not a performance group. In addition to annual dues and basic Campaign Uniform, members are expected to maintain reasonable physical fitness.

Our Memberships include:

  • The British Brigade – The Northern Brigade
  • Brigade of the American Revolution
  • The Burning of the Valleys Military Association

Our Authorized Volunteer Programs include:

  • Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, New York
  • Fort Malden Parks, Ontario, Canada
  • Mill Race Historical Village, Northville, Michigan
  • Historic Schoenbrunn Village, New Philadelphia, Ohio
  • Multi Lakes Conservation Club, Commerce Twp, Michigan