Folding Regimental Lace

By: Daniel B. O’Connell

Here’s the 1, 2, 3 of folding regimental lace aka: buttonhole lace found on most Rev War British and some American coats.

img_8306Step #1  Buy some lace. Our King’s 8th lace comes from Wyedean Weaving of England. To finish with a properly sized buttonhole lace that will fit the prescribed 3-inch wide cuff and lapel, we cut our sections of lace 7-1/2 inches long.

img_8305Step #2  Fold in half and sew at one end, as close to the end as you can without lace the ends unraveling.

img_8304Step #3  Using steam iron fold and press as pictured in image #3. Use a cool object to ‘set’ the steamed fold until cool so lace holds the press. Ten seconds with a flat cool object will do.

img_8303Step #4  Fold and press your 2nd fold as pictured in image #4 using same method above.

img_8301Step #5  Fold and press by turning under your last press as shown in image #5. You are ready to press your final fold as seen in #6.

img_8300Step #6  Press the pointed end as shown in image #6.

img_8299Step #7  After you have pressed as instructed and shown in image #6, take the pointed end and turn it up (as shown in #7) then press and cool as instructed previously.

The final product!

Step #8  Place carefully on your coat and hand sew the outer edge and inner edge of the completed lace. Sew ALL of your lace! Now go out and reenact and keep your lace clean. D.O.

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