King’s Regiment Territory

King's Regiment Territory

From ’68 to ’74 the regiment was garrisoned at and between Montreal and Quebec. In 1774 they assumed the garrisons and minor posts of the Upper Lakes from the eastern end of Lake Ontario, Niagara, Detroit and Michilimackinac. This map shows the garrisons and minor posts in Red, the routes of the King’s 8th in yellow with black lines of directions, the black * are conflicts/battles. (As a comparison the circled red line between New York and Philadelphia shows a comparison of milage of 89 miles for ‘other’ regiments.) The route between Michilimackinac to St Louis is 650 miles, one-way. …….. The King’s-8th Regiment of Foot was the longest serving Regiment in North America during the American Revolution: 1768 to 1785.
Credit: Daniel O’Connell

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